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To the Boys.


True fact: I believe men do stare at their closet thinking about what to wear to a special event.

What key pieces should men have in their closet?

  • A pair of Black Slacks.
  • White Dress Shirt.
  • Sports Jacket.
  • A couple of Neutral Ties.
  • Black/Brown Dress Shoes.

These five key pieces are the basics to looking professional when going to any type of event. I feel like men and women sometimes need a guide to follow when it comes to choosing an outfit. Of course, the great thing about having the five key pieces is that you can also be creative! Mix and Match is always a good solution. For example, you can wear a pair of black slacks and throw in your favorite dress shirt. Just remember, the five items need to be neutral colors to Mix and Match.

Let’s do a vote:



My opinion: I have always felt that black is a professional color. The color black can spark up an outfit and make it complete. Although, I also believe men and women should try other neutral colors such as, grey and brown. It all really depends on the complete outfit, location, and occasion.

Yours Truly,




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