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New Affection.


Have I mentioned my affection to Jeffrey Campbell Shoes??

They are called the Ticks. These wedges are super comfortable and of course the new addition to my shoe collection. I have always been the type of girl to walk in flats and sandals. Lately, I have decided to change that around and start walking in heels. It’s a great change considering that Heels make you look elegant and add a flair to any outfit. Will I continue to buy heels? YES. I believe I have finally caught the Shoe Fever from my mother. My mother is a specialist when it comes to shopping for the perfect pair of heels.

She frequently shops online for the next PERFECT pair of heels and she always finds them.

Where does she find the great deals??

If you sign up to any of these websites, they will frequently send you promotions. They have a great variety of items for the best prices. They all have great shipping prices and arrive rather quickly. Some of the websites mentioned above also carry Jeffrey Campbell shoes in various styles. I guarantee you that you will find the perfect pair of shoes in one of these websites. Have fun shopping!!

Yours Truly,


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