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Noticing the Dresser.


I am sure you have noticed! I am a Jewelry Addict. I collect and own Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Rings etc.  I have owned many Jewelry Boxes and they never met my standards, therefore, I decided to create my own. I wanted something that wasn’t too big but big enough to fit all my jewelry pieces. I needed something unique and handmade by me of course. I enjoy creating new pieces and to alter them as I go.

This jewelry dresser took some time because at the beginning I had purchased wooden legs from Home Depot. They were very practical with the jewelry dresser but not my style. I feel like the modern red legs gave the jewelry dresser a different feel. You can say the dresser is now considered to be Shabby Chic (Vintage and Modern).

Let me show you my creation!

Who was my inspiration?

The store that gave me the inspiration to this project was Anthropologie. Anthropologie carries vintage pieces that are altered to fit your needs. Although, Anthropologie also carries clothing, handbag, accessories etc.

How did I make the Jewelry Dresser?

You will need to buy the following supplies to make the dresser pictured above:

  • 2 Fira Mini Chests from Ikea (Currently this is discontinued at Ikea, you could look at your local storage store for a similar wood chest)
  • Lack Side Table Legs in red from Ikea
  • Knobs from Anthropologie
  • 1″ inch molding from Home Depot (or other Home Improvement Stores)
  • Recycled Magazine pages rolled up for the top of the dresser
  • Polyurethane in clear gloss

Of course, this mini tutorial is just an idea to show you what you can do to create a jewelry dresser. You can alter this piece around to your liking. Get creative!

Yours Truly,



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