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New Affection.


Have I mentioned my affection to Jeffrey Campbell Shoes??

They are called the Ticks. These wedges are super comfortable and of course the new addition to my shoe collection. I have always been the type of girl to walk in flats and sandals. Lately, I have decided to change that around and start walking in heels. It’s a great change considering that Heels make you look elegant and add a flair to any outfit. Will I continue to buy heels? YES. I believe I have finally caught the Shoe Fever from my mother. My mother is a specialist when it comes to shopping for the perfect pair of heels.

She frequently shops online for the next PERFECT pair of heels and she always finds them.

Where does she find the great deals??

If you sign up to any of these websites, they will frequently send you promotions. They have a great variety of items for the best prices. They all have great shipping prices and arrive rather quickly. Some of the websites mentioned above also carry Jeffrey Campbell shoes in various styles. I guarantee you that you will find the perfect pair of shoes in one of these websites. Have fun shopping!!

Yours Truly,



To the Boys.


True fact: I believe men do stare at their closet thinking about what to wear to a special event.

What key pieces should men have in their closet?

  • A pair of Black Slacks.
  • White Dress Shirt.
  • Sports Jacket.
  • A couple of Neutral Ties.
  • Black/Brown Dress Shoes.

These five key pieces are the basics to looking professional when going to any type of event. I feel like men and women sometimes need a guide to follow when it comes to choosing an outfit. Of course, the great thing about having the five key pieces is that you can also be creative! Mix and Match is always a good solution. For example, you can wear a pair of black slacks and throw in your favorite dress shirt. Just remember, the five items need to be neutral colors to Mix and Match.

Let’s do a vote:



My opinion: I have always felt that black is a professional color. The color black can spark up an outfit and make it complete. Although, I also believe men and women should try other neutral colors such as, grey and brown. It all really depends on the complete outfit, location, and occasion.

Yours Truly,




Noticing the Dresser.


I am sure you have noticed! I am a Jewelry Addict. I collect and own Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Rings etc.  I have owned many Jewelry Boxes and they never met my standards, therefore, I decided to create my own. I wanted something that wasn’t too big but big enough to fit all my jewelry pieces. I needed something unique and handmade by me of course. I enjoy creating new pieces and to alter them as I go.

This jewelry dresser took some time because at the beginning I had purchased wooden legs from Home Depot. They were very practical with the jewelry dresser but not my style. I feel like the modern red legs gave the jewelry dresser a different feel. You can say the dresser is now considered to be Shabby Chic (Vintage and Modern).

Let me show you my creation!

Who was my inspiration?

The store that gave me the inspiration to this project was Anthropologie. Anthropologie carries vintage pieces that are altered to fit your needs. Although, Anthropologie also carries clothing, handbag, accessories etc.

How did I make the Jewelry Dresser?

You will need to buy the following supplies to make the dresser pictured above:

  • 2 Fira Mini Chests from Ikea (Currently this is discontinued at Ikea, you could look at your local storage store for a similar wood chest)
  • Lack Side Table Legs in red from Ikea
  • Knobs from Anthropologie
  • 1″ inch molding from Home Depot (or other Home Improvement Stores)
  • Recycled Magazine pages rolled up for the top of the dresser
  • Polyurethane in clear gloss

Of course, this mini tutorial is just an idea to show you what you can do to create a jewelry dresser. You can alter this piece around to your liking. Get creative!

Yours Truly,



I am Back to show you my “Treasures”


I know! I have been neglecting the blog these last few weeks with school, but I promise I will be updating frequently. I haven’t had time to show you my new treasures. Do all of you remember my Ring Display? If not, you can check it out here. In the last 6 months I  have gone crazy with any Exotic Animal Ring that comes my way. Now I have switched my obsession to ethnic rings from anywhere around the world. Let me show you the latest!

Treasures: Exotic Animal Rings

Where do you I find these rings?

I have found most of these rings from Forever 21 and some random boutiques. Although, most of them are gifts from family members and friends. Sometimes you can find the best treasures at small boutiques in the shopping centers. The ethnic rings can be found at ethnic boutiques that sell items from around the world. You could try looking at Overstock and Etsy for some great unusual finds.

Treasures: Ethnic Rings and Bangles

Pictures: Taken by me.

Yours Truly,



My Favorite Things


Yours Truly,


Let’s Get it Started.


Brand of the Week 1:

Studio F

A Colombian Clothing Brand that features the latest trends of the modern Latin American fashion.

Source: Studio F

Yours Truly,



New Year Galore


Loving these outfits from ZARA from the Evening collection.

They are inspiration outfits. What is your inspiration?

Yours Truly,


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